ASE SSL 3.0 Test System —
The industry’s first automated test system for solid state lighting

Design verification. Volume manufacturing testing. Performance validation.

Specifically designed for quickly testing the electrical performance of LED drivers, LED arrays and LED fixtures, the ASE SSL 3.0 Test System is the industry’s first system developed for design, design validation and volume manufacturing testing to verify quality of production. The ASE SSL 3.0 Test System meets demanding customer needs by improving product production and support, increasing product performance, validating product design and product quality, and reducing time-to-market.

Validating performance & quality

  • Provides automated production tests to deliver validation and verification of device performance
  • Delivers statistical process control (SPC) that enables manufacturers to meet six-sigma certification
  • Establishes benchmarks and defined testing parameters for LED drivers, LED light engines and LED light systems that can help establish industry standards

Documentation & traceability

  • Verifies the electrical performance of incoming LED driver and LED array shipments to provide traceability and accountability within the supply chain
  • Allows manufacturers to save on warranty claims via the testing and documentation of LED components used in production
  • Features a handheld or fixed barcode scanner for warranty tracking. Allows for data entry of component unit identification into the operator interface

 Fast & flexible test system

  • 10 to 20 seconds — quickly tests LED drivers (AC driven), LED arrays (DC driven) and LED fixtures across multiple voltages and load capabilities, while testing all other selected parameters
  • Features an LED simulation mode that provides LED design characteristics and data
Save time.  Improve quality.  Establish accountability.
…with the ASE SSL 3.0 Test System

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